About Webcam Wall

Webcam Wall is an interactive user content driven site that allows its users to submit small webcam still or even animated shots.

You can share small, creative and fun snapshots that are either animated as GIF format or non-animated as PNG and JPG and finally even short video clips in WebM format (supporting browser required) with people from all over the world in our live real-time webcam wall environment. Just for fun!


To view more of the wall's snapshots (which may be lovingly referred to as 'bricks'), simply scroll down and more "bricks" will automatically load in, until you reach the bottom of the wall that is.
Additionally, new bricks will load in at the top of the wall should you or other visitors submit any new bricks while you are connected to the site.


To add to the wall you will require a webcam and a resonable connection for uploading. Simply click on the button labelled "Add To The Wall" and you will be asked for permision to access your webcam. Allow permission, pose and click the button labelled "Create" to capture your new brick. If you are happy with your result then the next step it to click "Add Brick" and allow a little time for uploading. However, if you would prefer to not submit the current brick, then click "Discard" and it will be removed. Repeat this as often as you like.

When adding short video clips, note that your browser may supprt WebM, however when the frames are captured to compile the video they are captured in WebP format. This means that to view the video brick you only need WebM support, but to create them you will require a browser that supports WebP images.


If you accidentally submit a brick that you are not completely happy with, then do not refresh the page! You can still delete these bricks as long as you do not refresh, however, if you do refresh then your upload can still be deleted by contacting us either through the contact page or via email.
Assuming you did not refresh the page, then find the brick on the wall that you submitted and it will have a small red button in the corner. By clicking on that button you will be able to delete that submitted brick.


To cycle through real-time webcam effects you can click on the next and previous buttons that are on either side of the "Create" button. New effects are being added over time, but right now you have access to the following effects; Greenscreen (chroma key), Ascii, Blur, Invert, Sketch, Mirror, TV Glitch, Bleach, Hex, Kaleidoscope and Hue.

After Effects

After capturing your brick you will notice that there are a few options for adding extra effects to your brick, these CSS effects will not affect your image data, they are applied at the browser level and are optional. If you like the looks of them then go for it!

Support Us

If you would like to help this site to improve and grow, then the best way you can help to do that is to share this site with other people. Another good way to help support this site is to report any bugs or problems you might be having to our main email address for our small network of sites: [email protected]